There is a connection between your personality and the kind of holiday spots you choose. Or is there?

There are those who love the stability of everyday life but would pick an adventurous trek over a relaxed, luxurious vacation. In equal measure, there are also those who have a comparitevely relaxed professional life and yet would enjoy sunbathing on a yacht. There is no formula to travelling, it’s just what the heart desires (and thank God for that).


For all of us, though, we have our favourites albeit depending on our moods, but favourites nonetheless. It could be mountains over beaches, historical sites over places of religious interests, treks over water sports or staying in the hotel over exploring your destination. Now before you start wondering why a fashion brand is harping about travel, it’s because a) we love our dose of travels b) all our collections stem from the love of travelling.

For this love of travel and art, we are bringing together our favourite picks for all kinds of destinations.

Mountain lover

Wear a t-shirt, throw on your favourite pair of denims and you are set. Mountains call for a no-fuss, clean style so you can trek all you want. Now, I agree that holidays call for absolute freedom and it’s okay to not bother about what you wear or the unnecessity of accessories. But what if your accessories are a part of you and aren’t a headache. Simple, classy and ones that require no effort!

This denim jacket for example. It’s quirky, stylish and perfect for the mountains. it with this small, super light dangler or you could even go for a pair of fish studs and not bother to change your earrings through the trip.


Beach bum

Oooh the sun, the sand and the first hit of the waves against your feet. I can almost feel the beach air as I write this. But we all know with the beach sun, comes sunburn and though the beach is worth a little sunburn, it’s something we can all avoid.



Your sunscreen will save you and so will a nice, pretty scarf. My favourites are the ones with the green stripes and the quirky splash silk stole. are light, colour neutral and will protect you from the sun. For accessories, these super cute dragon fly danglers are love! So is this very aptly named stunner, Rimjhim


History and art can save the world

If you are a firm believer of the above, chances are that your next holiday is a visit to Hampi or the stunning Khajurao temples. A visit to any historical site implies a lot of walking around so it’s best to dress comfortably and accessorise minimilistically. With miles to walk, you don’t want to bother about yourself with sticky clothes and uncomfortable accessories.

Our favourite is definitely the handblock blue shirt with the lovely blue Kantha scarf. can combine these two with quirky black and white dangler or the stunning kala.


Spiritual connection

Amidst soothing chants of Om, away from the chaos of the city, the last thing on your mind will be what to wear! And that’s precisely how it should be. Though, if in the midst of this peace, if you want to pamper yourself, this handmade, fabric earring will take your heart away. Pair it with a simple Devi ring, the flowers bunch scarf and your are all set.